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Recitals – Projects


1. Concert Readings


"Mitternacht" – Die Geschichte des Nicolaus Bruhns

("Midnight" - the Story of Nicolaus Bruhns")
the organ music of Nicolaus Bruhns and other masters of the "stylus fantasticus" of the 17th century and excerpts from Andreas Nohr's novel Mitternacht "Mitternacht", read by the author, e.g.: 29.9.01 at "Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz".



Andreas Nohr reads excerpts from his Stumpf "detective fairy tale" of the same name, which plays during the Napoleonic era; to this Barbara Kraus plays piano works by Franz Vollrath Buttstett in the "empfindsam"("sensitiv") or "galant" style, e.g.: 24.3.03 at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.


"The Art of Organ in Paris"

Representative works from 17th to 20th century and texts about the history of organ music by Andreas Nohr, cf. Orgelhandbuch Paris Orgelhandbuch Paris, e.g. 25.7.09 at Stadtkirche St. Dionys, Esslingen.


2. Broadcast


Productions in radio and television BR (Bavarian Broadcasting Company):
April/91 with Frank Martin's "Fantaisie sur des rythmes flamenco" for piano solo, (first recording of this work);
NDR (North German Broadcasting Company): August/95 with "Melusine" from Boris Guckelsberger for soprano, organ and percussion (Premiere performance);
MDR (Middle German Broadcasting Company): with organ music of Jehan Alain and J.S.Bach;
SWR (South-West Broadcasting Company): Sept./01 Works from Nicolaus Bruhns.