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Johann Sebastian Bach, Organ Works

Audio-CD, 69:38 min.; 2012, Medien Kontor Hamburg;

The organ in St. Bartholomäus, Wesselburen (North Western Germany) was built in 1741 by Johann Hinrich Klapmeyer, in the tradition of the famous organ builder of the Baroque era, Arp Schnitger. The instrument (2 manuals and independent pedal, 30 stops), a masterpiece of Baroque art and craftsmanship, has been reconstructed by the organ builder Rowan West in 2011. For this J.S. Bach recording the interpreter selected compositions which are inspired by the North German „Fantastic Style“ of Nicolaus Bruhns or Dietrich Buxthude. These great preludes, toccatas, fantaisies and their fugues show the brillant sounding „Plenum“ of the instrument. Contrasting this mighty aspect of the Baroque organ, there are some smaller, quiet pieces of diverse styles to be heard, to do justice to the individual character of the flutes and reeds.

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Franz Vollrath Buttstett (1735–1814), Keyboard Sonatas

Audio-CD, 49:51 min.; 2008, Medien Kontor Hamburg; Premiere Recording: Sonatas A Major, E flat Major (Fortepiano), Ständchen, Spinnerlied, Alla Polacca, Allegro, Sonata B flat Major (Clavichord),
Barbara Kraus, Fortepiano and Clavichord

Following the suggestion of the novelist Andreas Nohr, whose attention had by a mere chance been drawn to F.V. Buttstett in the libraries of Franconia (Northern Bavaria), Barbara Kraus began research into existing compositions (autographs, copies and some early prints) in order this nearly forgotten music have the chance of being performed. She published a selection of cantatas and motets as well as all keyboard works. For this recording the interpreter chose a Forte-Piano, a detailed copy of an instrument by J.A Stein (Vienna 1783) and a clavichord, referring to instruments of central germany of the later 18th century.

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"Nicolaus Bruhns und der Phantastische Stil"

Audio-CD, 71 min.; 2000 at Medien Kontor Hamburg; the complete organ works of Nicolaus Bruhns (1665-1697) including works of Brunckhorst, Buxtehude, Leyding, Reincken, Tunder; recorded at various historical organs in the state of Schleswig-Holstein: Schnitger-organ, Pellworm/North Sea; J.D.Busch-Organ, Neuenkirchen/Stör; Schreiber-Organ, Neuendorf; Scherer/Klais-Organ, St.Aegidien in Lübeck; promoted by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Culture of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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"dy katzenphfote"

("the cat's paw") Organ music of the Renaissance and Present time, audio-CD, 68 min.; 1998 at Medien Kontor Hamburg; works from the Glogauer Liederbuch as well as from Dufay, Rhaw, Hofhaimer, Alain, Ligeti, Pärt, Cage, Guckelsberger; Schuke-Organ at the Lutherkirche in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel.

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Tracks "Johann Sebastian Bach, Oeuvres d'Orgue "


[01]–[02] Toccata und Fuge d-moll BWV 565 09:15

[03]–[06] Pastorella F-Dur BWV 590 11:50

[07]–[08] Fantasie und Fuge g-moll BWV 542 12:27

[09] Fuga C-Dur BWV 946 03:45

[10]–[11] Präludium und Fuge e-moll BWV 533 05:32

[12]–[20] Partita „O Gott, du frommer Gott“ BWV 767 15:37

[21]–[22] Präludium und Fuge a-moll BWV 543 10:42



Tracks "Nikolaus Bruhns und der Phantastische Stil"


[1] N. Bruhns, Präludium e-Moll (groß) H. Scherer/Klais, St. Ägidien, Lübeck 8:11;

[2] N. Bruhns, Präludium G-Dur H. Scherer/Klais, St. Ägidien, Lübeck 7:46;

[3] N. Bruhns, Präludium e-Moll (klein) H. Scherer/Klais, St. Ägidien, Lübeck 4:52;

[4] N. Bruhns, Nun komm der Heiden Heiland H. Scherer/Klais, St. Ägidien, Lübeck 9:29;

[5] N. Bruhns, Präludium g-Moll H. Scherer/Klais, St. Ägidien, Lübeck 4:15;

[6] D. Leyding, Präludium Es-Dur A. Schnitger, Pellworm 3:35;

[7] F. Tunder, Präludium F-Dur A. Schnitger, Pellworm 3:45;

[8] A. Brunckhorst, Präludium e-Moll A. Schnitger, Pellworm 4:58;

[9] D. Buxtehude, Canzonetta G-Dur J. D. Busch, Neuenkirchen 2:25;

[10] J. A. Reincken, Toccata G-Dur J. D. Busch, Neuenkirchen 7:51;

[11] V. Lübeck, Präambulum E-Dur J. M. Schreiber, Neuendorf 5:46;

[12] D. Buxtehude, Präludium g-Moll J. M. Schreiber, Neuendorf 8:11



Tracks "dy katzenphfote"


[1] Annum per annum (Pärt) / [2] dy katzenphfote (Glogauer Liederbuch (GL))

[3] ach Gott! (Rhaw) / [4] das yegerhorn (GL);

[5] undecimus (GL) / [6] der rattenschwantz (GL);

[7] der entrepris (GL) / [8] Souvenir (Cage);

[9] die katzenphfote (GL) / [10] die ezelscrone (GL);

[11] der fochsschwantz (GL) / [12] alma redemptoris mater (Dufay);

[13] ein frölich wesen (Rhaw) / [14] der rattenschwantz (GL);

[15] so wünsch ich ir ein gute nacht (Rhaw) / [16] der newe pawir schwantz (GL);

[17] Variations sur un thème de Jannequin (Alain); / [18] dy katzenphfote (GL);

[19] ave maris stella (Hofhaimer) / [20] der newe pawir schwantz (GL);

[21] ich hab heimlich (Rhaw) / [22] das yegerhorn (GL);

[23] primus (Glog. Liederb.) / [24] der kranichschnabel (GL);

[25] Ricercare (Ligeti); / [26] dy katzenphfote (GL);

[27] ave maris stella (Hofhaimer); / [28] zucht, eer und lob (Rhaw);

[29] ach elslein (Rhaw); / [30] alma redemptoris mater (Dufay);

[31] Epilog (Guckelsberger); / [32] all voll (GL).





CD "Johann Sebastian Bach, Orgelwerke"
Klapmeyer-Orgel 1741, Rekonstruktion Rowan West 2011, 32 Register, 2 Manuale, Pedal

J. S. Bach , Toccata d-Moll, BWV 565

J. S. Bach, Fuge g-Moll, BWV 542 (Mitte bis Schluss)

J. S. Bach, Partita O Gott, du frommer Gott, Nr 8, BWV 767


CD "Franz Vollrath Buttstett, Claviersonaten" (Hammerflügel/Fortepiano, erbaut von J. Mascher/U. Weymar 2002, nach J. A. Stein, Wien, 1783)

Franz Vollrath Buttstett, Allegro Assai, aus Sonate A-Dur

Franz Vollrath Buttstett, Adagio, aus Sonate Es-Dur


CD "Nicolaus Bruhns und der Phantastische Stil" (Orgel/Organ)

Nicolaus Bruhns, Choralfantasie Nun komm der Heiden Heiland

Arnold Brunckhorst, Präludium e-Moll


CD " dy katzenphfote " (Orgel/Organ)

Georg Rhaw, Ach Gott, wem soll ich's klagen

Glogauer Liederbuch, dy katzenphfote